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From left to right: Tabi, Rudy, Chris & Rene

K.L.I.P. has been a blessing to our son and to our family the past three school years. At K.L.I.P our child is in a safe, loving environment where he is not only taught all of the necessary subjects, but he’s also taught the Word of God, foreign language, and arts & crafts. Coming from the public school system, it has been awesome that he’s now in an environment where he can speak freely about his faith, and he can learn and discuss the Word of God. We’re also very pleased that he’s able to work at his own pace without the pressure of having to keep up with everyone else in the class, especially for subjects that he is not as strong in. Another great benefit of this school is the parent meetings. At parent meetings we’re taught about various subjects ranging from discipline to what a true Christian education really is. As a parent, I too have learned a lot since my son has been attending K.L.I.P.

-Tabi Plata, Chris's mom

We give thanks to God for bringing Joshua and Sarah, Wes and Emili and Yolanda to our city and church.  While they have been a great blessing to our lives, they have been an even greater blessing for our two sons, Isaac and Isaias. In KLIP, our sons are taught the Biblical foundation for each subject and to above all else, love God.  I have been blessed to see how my oldest son Isaac is being taught to love both school and learning.

-Pastor Emilio Guzman, Father

Parents: Emilio & Conchise Children: Isaac, Isaias & Elizabeth

Check back soon for more testimonies from parents and students.

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